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We entrust doctors and nurses with the care of our loved ones, and they all have standards and codes of ethics that they must adhere to. However, if a doctor or nurse takes short cuts and deviates from this code it can lead to severe injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured or misdiagnosed due to medical malpractice you need a trusted attorney to help you understand your case and protect your rights.

Attorneys Lee Eadon Isgett Popwell & Owens helps represent clients and victims all over South Carolina with a variety of medical malpractice law suits, including:
  • Surgical Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Radiologist Errors
  • Misdiagnoses
  • Emergency Room and Hospital Negligence

South Carolina Law On Medical Malpractice



If you are looking into filing a complaint for medical malpractice, it is important that you act fast. Every state has a statute of limitations, which means that you have a time limit on having your civil lawsuit reviewed by a court. The general deadline to have your medical malpractice complaint reviewed is within three years after the occurrence, and if it has been over six years then your complaint will be immediately dismissed. There are certain instances that might make you eligible to have your complaint reviewed after the three year mark. If you are interested in finding out if your medical malpractice complaint is eligible for review from the South Carolina Court System call our office at (803) 799-9811 and schedule an initial consultation with us today.

How We Can Help



When you or a loved one has become a victim of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to certain compensation, such as; medical expenses, loss of income, wrongful death, and other losses. Since our inception, Attorneys Lee Eadon Isgett Popwell & Owens has been helping victims of medical mal practice receive compensation from their assailants. We will acquire medical records and consult with medical experts, economists, and life care professionals to determine physical and emotional damages you have suffered at the hands of medical malpractice. Call us at (803) 799-9811 to schedule your free initial appointment.