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Attorneys Lee, Eadon, Isgett, Popwell, and Owens is made up of a core group of personal injury attorneys that share a core value of excellence that shines through in every aspect of their practice. These attorneys possess a common goal of complete client satisfaction.

The LEIP Law Firm is made up of a team of attorneys with roots embedded in the state of South Carolina. The LEIP name is an acronym for four of its leading attorneys who contribute to promoting high quality values while practicing the law with the utmost integrity. Zachary D. Linowski, Sherod H. Eadon, Christopher G. Isgett, and Gary W. Popwell comprise that acronym. The addition of Brett A. Owens as a lawyer and shareholder also adds to LEIP Law’s esteemed reputation.

Creating a Culture

LEIP Law is more than just a name or any one single personal injury attorney on staff. It has come to define a culture in which these attorneys do the most for their clients. Being part of the fabric of the local community in Columbia, SC, has allowed LEIP Law to truly care about the clients we serve.

Another attribute of this legal team is that it specializes in a number of different areas from personal injury to products liability to Social Security disability. There is a lot of versatility on display every day at LEIP Law. But the team does not spread itself too thin by practicing too many disciplines of law. It is just the right mix to provide each client with the attention he/she deserves.

We also conduct ourselves with a high sense of professionalism and extend compassion when necessary for clients who may be experiencing tougher times. It is important that we remain a shoulder to lean on when it’s time to take legal action.

South Carolina Pride

The team of lawyers has all studied at the University of South Carolina as there is a tremendous amount of state pride. That institution help shape each of these lawyers and led them to become successes in each of their individual areas of practice. It has also allowed the attorneys to become members of esteemed committees while also being named to various boards throughout the Columbia and South Carolina area. This is a way to make a difference in the practice of law throughout South Carolina. LEIP Law does its part in contributing to the betterment of law in South Carolina.

A Personal Touch

One of the most prolific benefits of hiring an attorney at LEIP Law is the level of personal attention that is devoted to every client. In larger law firms, cases can get passed around to lawyers and there is not as much focus on the minutest details of every case. That may cause some things to be overlooked and may not work out as favorably for the client. The client remains our top priority at LEIP Law. That’s why we do not take on an overabundance of clients as we believe each individual deserves a certain level of personal attention. Too many times clients become nothing more than mere numbers in larger law firms and that is something we will never duplicate at LEIP Law.

At LEIP Law, clients are also benefited by the collective knowledge that is shared throughout this tight-knit group of attorneys. It is quite common for our attorneys to help one another out so that the best strategies can be utilized for each client. It is a collaborative approach that truly defines a team effort. A win for one lawyer is a win for the entire law firm. We are proud of the fact that there are several contributions made to each case so that the personal goals of our clients are achieved.

Taking the fight to Insurance Companies

Our staff of attorneys has taken on some of the biggest names in the insurance industry. We are not to be outdone any agency, no matter how big and powerful they may seem to be. It is important that our clients know we are ready to fight for them from start to finish. That could mean standing by their side and leading their case through a litigation process or negotiating a favorable settlement before the case even has to go to court.

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