Medication errors


LEIP Law offers nursing home injury services and that applies to medication errors. Most nursing home residents have scheduled medications to take throughout the course of a day. Nursing home staff members are tasked with the duty of seeing that the proper medications are taken at the proper times. Errors are not uncommon as problems with medications can occur and lead to a variety of health issues. This can provide grounds for a lawsuit 

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Medication errors do not typically occur without a sufficient reason. Much of the errors revolve around the lack of a functional system in place. Unfortunately, residents are the ones who wind up suffering because of those shortcomings. Disorganization is a key contributor towards medication errors and should not be left unaddressed. Here is a glimpse at some of the reasons for medication errors in nursing homes: 

  • Absence of a database or organized medication schedule
  • Poor organization among staff
  • Lack of communication between staff members
  • No policies consistent on the administration of medication
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Medication errors are defined as providing the incorrect dosage. That could be too high or too low of a dose. It could also be defined as providing the wrong medication altogether. And it may even be failing to provide medication at the appropriate time. Another type of error is mixing up medication or failing to properly monitor a resident’s reaction to a certain medication. All of these different scenarios can lead to a host of medical issues. That could even result in death.

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Caretakers have a responsibility to be diligent when it comes to administering medication. Side effects could be painful and even fatal. There are also allergies to consider, pre-existing health conditions and other pertinent information. Failing to make these considerations puts caretakers in a liable position and any adverse health effects would be due to their negligence. Missing, mixing or messing up a dose are all unacceptable actions and can be met with a lawsuit.

LEIP Law represents clients who have fallen victim to medication errors in nursing homes. We will examine all the necessary aspects of the medication process and determine who is liable for the medication error. That could lead to any of the following outcomes:

  • Reimbursed for cost of their stay at nursing home
  • Financial costs related to the medication error
  • Compensation for decreased quality of life
  • Compensation for trauma, death or other consequences Scroll to Top