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Auto accidents can cause physical injuries, disabilities, emotional hardship, and even death. If you want to get compensation from the responsible party and your insurance can’t cover the entire costs, let us help. We help clients in auto accidents get compensation after negligent and reckless behavior for all kinds of auto accidents, including bus accidents, motorcycle wrecks, and 18-wheeler auto accidents.

Traveling anywhere in a vehicle is a modern convenience that most people take for granted. Every day, people of all ages drive all over the country. But it is important to remember just how dangerous auto travel and auto accidents can be. The scariest part is that no one is completely removed from the danger of auto accidents at any given moment. Negligence from another driver or a split-second decision turn an ordinary day into a fatal one. 

Picking up the pieces after a car crash can be an overwhelming time. That’s why it is important to have a personal injury lawyer to help you through the aftermath of a car accident. LEIP Law has an experienced team of attorneys that will walk you through every step of this process.


What to do following a car accident 

It is important to contact an attorney at LEIP Law after you are involved in any auto accidents. But there are certain things you should remember to do and other things that are important to avoid in the wake of an accident. Here are some helpful hints to make sure you get the highest amount of compensation for your accident.

  • File a police report – This is a key component to winning your case. Contacting the local authorities after an accident is a must, even if it is a minor accident without large-scale damage.
  • Don’t accept any offers – An insurance company is going to try to get out of the situation quickly while paying out as little money as possible. Insurance companies may seem like they are helping you out, but an initial offer is usually just a way of trying to keep you from collecting a lot more compensation. You don’t have to accept any offer without talking to a personal injury lawyer first.
  • Take pictures – The more proof you have, the better. Don’t hesitate to start snapping as many pictures as you can of the damage. This could be a big help in the future.
  • No statements to insurance companies – An insurance company will try to get you to make a statement by using a seemingly friendly approach. Don’t be fooled by this facade. It is a way to dupe you into incriminating yourself. Don’t give them a statement when involved with auto accidents.

The common theme is that you should consult a car accident attorney before agreeing or signing anything. It is the safest move you can make after you are involved in auto accidents.

Seeking Professional Medical Attention

Very serious car accidents obviously involve immediate and ongoing medical attention. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid seeing a doctor for after an accident you might consider to be minor. There is always a chance you could incur injuries that take a little bit of time to develop. For example, the jolt of an accident could cause severe whiplash or even do damage to your back and neck. It is important to consult a medical professional after your car accident as it could be integral to your case. If you wait too long, you may not be able to prove your injuries were sustained in the accident. And that could completely derail your lawsuit.

There are lots of reasons that lead to auto accidents. Some are avoidable while others are not. If you have been injured in a car crash through no fault of your own, it could be for the following reasons:

  • Driver drowsiness
  • Weather conditions
  • Faulty roads and potholes
  • Tailgating
  • Driver impairment
  • Unsafe Lane changes
  • Speeding
  • Texting and driving

It is the job of a personal injury attorney to determine the extent of the responsibility for the guilty party. That helps develop the case and determines the approach that will be taken in order to receive compensation. At LEIP Law, we will reconstruct the scene of the accident and contact various experts to bolster your case. What may seem like a simple mistake on the part of the other driver could result in a wealth of compensation on your behalf.

The Injury Legal Process

Every accident is different as there are a lot of personal circumstances that will have to be handled. For example, it is important to determine who is going to be held accountable. Individual drivers may be insured, uninsured or underinsured. That determines the approach that will be taken throughout your claim.

Some auto drivers are representatives of commercial companies. It’s not uncommon for a professional driver to cause an accident. In those instances, the actual company can be held liable for their driver’s negligence. That would also influence the way an attorney handles the case.

There are also accidents caused by people driving vehicles that belong to a government agency. When they are at fault, the government agency will have to claim responsibility for the accident and pay out compensation accordingly. Dealing with government agencies is also something best left to an experienced attorney.

The most common part of an auto accident claim is dealing with an insurance company ad should not be done on a personal level. There are many tactics used by insurance companies to get out of paying what they rightfully should to those injured in an accident. Their overall goal is to avoid an expensive payout and that could cause delays and prolong negotiations. And attorney at LEIP Law can help facilitate this process.

Different Types of Car Accident Cases

No two accidents are the same as there are a lot of personal differences in the way these events transpire. Some of the deadliest and injurious type of accidents are head-on collisions which takes place when two vehicles collide with their front ends.

Side-impact collisions are also called broadside collisions and occur when a side of a vehicle is hit by another vehicle. Rollover accidents are often fatal and occur when a car tips over, sometimes rolling. Single car accidents do not typically warrant personal injury claims as it involves just one driver. Meanwhile, multi vehicle accidents can lead to lawsuits as it generally involves a significant amount of damage to a number of cars.

There is no limit to what a certain type of accident will get you in compensation. At LEIP Law, we take into consideration all the factors involved in an accident. We also openly welcome some of the tougher car accident cases as our experience, knowledge and past success allow us to put together formidable approaches to every case. Consulting one of our attorneys is the first step towards receiving compensation as we can get you started on this entire process.

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